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As an antioxidant, vitamin E defends your cells against damage. Scientific studies suggest that vitamin E may prove to be even more beneficial in years to come. Research points to the promising effects of vitamin E in curbing many chronic diseases.

The power of Vitamin E to treat and prevent heart disease of all types, whether coronary or rheumatic, depends upon four chief characteristics:

"Vitamin E seems to be a natural anti-thrombin in the human blood stream. It has been found by Zierler of Johns Hopkins and the U.S. Navy Research Department and Kay at Tulane to be a substance normally circulating in the blood of all men which prevents clots occurring inside the vessel. It is the only substance preventing the clotting of blood which is not dangerous. It does not interfere with the normal clotting of blood in a wound and with the normal healing process. Indeed, it actually accelerates the healing of burns and wounds.

"The second important effect of the use of Vitamin E is oxygen conservation. It is a natural antioxidant in the body. It has been shown by Houchin and Mattill, and this has been confirmed by many workers, to decrease the oxygen requirement of muscle by as much as 43 percent and makes the narrow stream of blood which gets through the narrowed coronary artery in many heart patients adequate to prevent the occurrence of anoxia (lack of oxygen), which is the trigger that sets off anginal or heart pain. Consequently, we have patients in Montreal who were once unable to walk half a block without the occurrence of angina pectoris but are now able to climb Mount Royal. Indeed, there is present in my audience today at least one such patient.

"The third major function of Vitamin E is the prevention of excessive scar tissue production and even, in some instances, the ability to melt away unwanted scar. It has been proven to function in this way in many areas of the body–from the hand, in Dupuytren’s contraction (Rochester, N.Y.)–to urinary tract strictures (Johns Hopkins).

"It is a dilator of blood vessels. This was beautifully demonstrated by x-ray in rabbits injected before and after the administration of Vitamin E by two workers in Florence, Italy. It opens up new pathways in the damaged circulation, therefore, and by-passes blocks produced by clots and hardened arteries.

"These four functions, all of them extensively confirmed in animal experimentation and human clinical work, make it the most valuable ally the cardiologist has yet found in the treatment of heart disease. It has no rivals. No other substance has this array of needful properties. This drug then becomes the first safe drug which can be given to patients suffering from the results of a clot in a coronary artery. There has been and still is no treatment at all for this type of case except two mildly useful drugs, which can be administered with great peril to the already precarious patient. Vitamin E replaces ‘rest and reassurance,’ which have no authentic basis, with real help to the damaged, laboring heart itself. It is the key both to the prevention and treatment of all those conditions in which a lack of blood supply due to thickened or blocked blood vessels or a lack of oxygen is a major part or the whole story of the disease. As I have said, it has no rivals. No pharmacologist or internist can suggest another substance with all the powers and properties of this vitamin. God made it unique and we ignore it at our peril.”

From a speech delivered by Evan Shute, MD, Gynecology, of the Shute Foundation of London, Ontario, Canada. He and his brother Wilfrid Shute, MD, Cardiology, used natural Vitamin E complex successfully in treatment of over 55,000 patients during their respective careers.

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